Week of May 8, 2022

The Great Hearts Monte Vista Parent Service Organization (PSO) includes the parents/guardians of every student at the school. We are glad you are here and want to help you get involved in supporting our school. Contact information for PSO officers is located at the bottom of this section.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 — Wrap Up


Last week was jam packed with events, treats, gifts, donations, and volunteering to make GHMV teachers feel loved and appreciated.

PSO parents contributed in a million ways to make it a special week – you donated supplies, food, funds… you volunteered to serve, to craft, to keep an eye on kids in the lunchroom… you made time for all the extra activities this week… you sent cards and gifts… you offered to help… and when we were down to the wire and needed gallons of iced tea, no one had to ask you twice – you all just made it happen overnight. 

Below are photos from the week, starting with the 29 doors PSO decorated on Friday, April 29. And followed by more photos of the week’s activities that would not have been possible without GHMV Parent contributions.



Teachers and staff walked in Monday morning and saw that their classroom doors were outfitted in beautiful themes and colors.


Thank you, PSO, for another cooperative and successful effort to make our kids' school just a little bit brighter. It was great seeing parents share helpful tips and strong tape... parents meeting for the first time, and some meeting for the second time because, you know, sometimes we forget names.



THANK YOU to Gloria Nwelue and Anna Rosedale for all the planning,

coordinating, recruiting, and communicating that kept things running smoothly last week. And thank you to the following parent volunteers who hosted something fun each day for GHMV teachers and helped on campus with serving, set ups, clean ups, lunchroom duty, sharing their graphics talents, and bringing in supplies and equipment:


BJ and Carol Perez, Andre and Patti Baratin, Haley Beham, Bridie Chaudoir, Jacy Daniels, Whitney Farnsworth, Ashleigh Gallo, Rachel Garcia, Noelle Goforth, Shayna Gutierrez, Amanda Holmes, Meaghan Kirchner, Maggie Lewis, Stephanie Lindsey, Liz Nagy, Elizabeth Pro, Marcy Ringer, Allyson Rodriguez, Nancy Sheridan, Cindy Vines
Thank you, PSO for all the ways you helped make Teacher Appreciation Week a special treat for GHMV Teachers! Please reach out to gloria@ghmvlions.org with questions or to help with lower school activities.

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GHMV PSO Officers and Leadership Team:

Gloria Nwelue, PSO President, gloria@ghmvlions.org
Martha Newton, PSO Secretary, martha@ghmvlions.org
Leslie Ibarra, PSO Treasurer, leslie@ghmvlions.org
Marcy Ringer, Room Rep Coordinator, marcy@ghmvlions.org
Gloria Nwelue, Teacher Luncheons Coordinator, luncheons@ghmvlions.org
Meredith Ehler, Teachers’ Lounge, meredith@ghmvlions.org
Whitney Farnsworth, Spirit Wear, whitney@ghmvlions.org
Parent UU Coordinator, Lower School Used Uniforms, useduniforms@ghmvlions.org