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Lower School Teachers and Staff Favorites

Lower School Important Dates (Private)

3rd Grade Teachers
· Mrs. Abrigo · Mrs. McDonald · Mr. Orozco
· Ms.Luna · Mrs. Murph
4th Grade Teachers
· Mrs. Caballero · Mrs. Perez · Mr. Phillips
· Mr. Badders · Ms. Hood
5th Grade Teachers
· Mrs. Lira · Mr. Nguyen · Ms. Quinones
· Ms. Liss · Mr. Herrera
ESL and Interventionists
· Mrs. Aguillon · Mrs. Holt
· Ms. Regalado · Mrs. Rodriguez
Admin and Operations
· Mrs. Imber · Ms. Lawhorne · Mr. Ringeisen
· Ms. Prieto · Mrs. Russell · Mrs. Fagan
· Ms. Grochowski · Nurse Moore
Security Staff
· Officer Cox · Officer Duzansky · Officer Ramirez
Cafeteria Staff
· Ms. Ruiz